We love to travel!!! We love traveling soooo much we built all of us an app so we can travel safely and so that those back home who worry about us, can worry less as well. The app’s called MANY SAFE RETURNS.

We are still in beta-testing and if you would like to beta test please let us know. Here’s how it works:  you tell the app where you are going, when you’re going to get there, and who to contact if you never show up. When you will get there, you cancel the trip and BOB’S UR UNCLE, nobody even knows you left.

IF, however, you don’t make it to your destination, your emergency contacts are notified and will be able to see your last location and intentions. So, if you do not show up: 1) somebody will know you’re missing right away,  and 2) they will know your last position and will know where to start looking.

EASY PEASY. Your people back home worried sick about you will be comforted knowing that if they do not receive an emergency notification then you’re okay because with the Many Safe Returns app, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.

The app is free and to keep it free all I ask is that if you use the app, click on the “Book Hotel” button or come to my blog and use the search boxes. It costs you nothing, and will throw us a bone so we can keep the doors open and develop even greater features.